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Dear guest,


Welcome to your home in Guatemala!


It is a pleasure to have you with us and we hope your stay in Casa Palopo will be unforgettable. Our greatest motivation is to pamper you and invite you to relax, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of tranquility and spirituality that the most beautiful lake in the world offers. Lake Atitlán is made up of 12 villages around. Each of them offers a bit of rich and colorful of our culture.


Casa Palopo is a private property in the year 2000 and a boutique hotel, in order to share with you this wonderful place, style with colonial style and details of contemporary style.


We reflect a blend of our indigenous brand, with the elegance and good quality of Guatemalan designers. This is plasma in the contemporary and local art that is appreciated around the hotel with a private collection of works.


We hope you eat rich, have a good wine, enjoy the spectacular sunsets, get a massage and take a pleasant experience of this corner of the world that remains forever in your life history.



Claudia Bosch.

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