Casa Palopó - Guest Room

Casa Palopó
One of Guatemala's finest hotels with views of Lake Atitlan & surrounding volcanoes

  • Unique rooms that evoke the heritage of Guatemala

    Contemporary comfort meets traditional charm in each of the beautifully decorated and spacious suites. Whether you’re staying in the main house or the private villa you won’t be able to escape the breath-taking views of the lake below. Each of our rooms embraces Guatemalan culture with its unique decoration allowing for each detail to fit perfectly to every guests needs during the stay.

  • Panoramic view of the Lake and its Three Majestic Volcanoes

    Renowned as one of Central America's gems, our exclusive hotel offers a captivating view of Lake Atitlan's stunning blue waters and the dramatic silhouettes of surrounding volcanoes. Immerse yourself in the blend of indigenous culture and volcanic wonders for an unforgettable stay at this exclusive retreat.

  • Tours & Activities

    Casa Palopó offers curated array of experiences, including on-site bird watching, sound healing sessions, yoga classes, and shaman experiences. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation at the in-house spa or savoring authentic flavors with the tortilla bar and tea time experience. As well as culturally enriched adventures, from enchanting boat trips to visits to nearby villages, artisan stores, and vibrant markets. Immerse yourself in the richness of local culture and create unforgettable memories at every turn.

  • International cuisine with a Guatemalan touch

    At 6.8 Restaurant, savor a fusion of Guatemalan flavors and high-end cuisine. The expertly crafted menu promises to wow guests taste buds with a symphony of local tastes, creating a memorable dining experience.


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Casa Palopó

  • 3 hour drive from La Aurora International Airport
  • 20 Minute helicopter ride from Guatemala City
  • Surrounded by 3 volcanoes: Tolimán, San Pedro, Atitlán
  • 5 minutes away of Santa Catarina Palopó
  • Fifteen (15) unique rooms
  • We accept children over 10 years old.
  • Two (2) swimming pools
  • Private garden and deck for events



Santa Catarina Palopó, Atitlán

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